Free of charge services

Free of charge services for Klaipeda district residents

Provision of the latest information on science-approved methods of preserving and strengthening health; consultations on topical issues regarding prevention of diseases; organisation of trainings concerning health issues for residents.

1. Individual consultations for families, children, and adults on the following topics:

  • Nutritional control (assessment of height, weight, BMI, internal body fat level, and ABP);
  • Promotion of physical activity (the Bureau employs certified Nordic Walking Instructors);
  • Prevention of smoking (assessment of CO contamination in lungs);
  • Prevention of alcohol consumption;
  • Strengthening family health;
  • Prevention of communicable diseases (influenza, lice, scabies, etc.);
  • Control of chronic non-infectious diseases;
  • Sex education;
  • Prevention of oncological diseases: providing information on preventive measures and conducting practical training to prevent breast cancer through palpation.

Consultations are provided by phone and e-mail, as well as directly upon arrival to the premises of the Bureau. It is necessary to register for a visit by booking a time convenient to you by phone or e-mail.

2. Development of a healthy lifestyle plan and its implementation monitoring by a public health professional

The existing risk factors are assessed and a plan for their elimination is drawn up.

The assessment involves the following data:

  • Height;
  • Weight;
  • Body mass index;
  • Arterial blood pressure;
  • CO contamination in lungs;
  • Frequency of alcohol consumption;
  • Eating habits;
  • Percentage of body fat;
  • Percentage of skeletal muscle mass;
  • Internal body fat level;
  • Level of physical activity.

3. Nutritionist consultations for groups and individuals

4. Services for young people

  • Youth-friendly services: counselling on the issues related to sex education, nutrition, physical activity, communication, and behavioural disorders.
  • Annual leadership training for youth health ambassadors.
  • Cooperation with non-governmental youth agencies in organising healthy and eventful leisure activities. The Atostogauk sveikai (Healthy Style Holidays) summer day camp.

Services for families

Services for families

  • Classes led by specialists in the Motinystės mokymo programa (Maternity Training Programme).
  • Organisation of educational activities on other healthy lifestyle promotion topics.
  • Individual consultations on child health care and family health strengthening issues. The time of the consultation has to be scheduled with the specialist.

Services for families raising school or preschool age children

  • Consultations of a school / kindergarten public health specialist for a child and family at school.
  • Carrying out health promotion activities in an educational institution (providing health-related information in various forms to the school community and developing healthy lifestyle skills of students).
  • Injury analysis and prevention to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.
  • First aid provision and coordination.
  • Monitoring the child’s health in the educational institution.
  • Prevention of anorexia and bulimia.
  • Nutrition organisation control.
  • Prevention of smoking, alcohol consumption and use of drugs.
  • Control and prevention of communicable diseases (influenza, lice, scabies).
  • Assessing the educational institution’s compliance with hygiene standards and providing information to the school administration to ensure prevention.

Services for communities and non-governmental organisations

  • Organising health promotion trainings on a variety of health-related topics for the community.
  • Community counselling on the development of a health-promoting environment.
  • Consulting on the issues concerning the development of health-related projects.
  • Informing the delegated Health Ambassador about the state of public health, scientific innovations, health-related projects, and conducting trainings for this person in the Health Ambassadors Camp.

Services for businesses and residents who need compulsory health training certificates for work.

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